Guwahati: Revolutionary Cardiology Procedure Performed At Excelcare Hospitals

Guwahati: In it’s continuing pursuit of excellence in healthcare, Guwahati based super specialty hospital, Excelcare Hospitals recently performed a revolutionary and path breaking cardiology procedure on a patient. The complex procedure was performed by Dr. Dilip Kumar (Senior Interventional Cardiologist & Director – Cath Lab, Medica Super Specialty Hospital Kolkata) along with the Cardiology team of Excelcare Hospitals (Dr. Neil Bardoloi, Dr. Amitava Misra and Dr. Dhanjit Nath).

A 40 year old female, from Goalpara had presented at Excelcare Hospitals with shortness of breath and heart failure. Upon evaluation by the cardiology team, the ECG revealed complete heart block and echo showed LV systolic dysfunction (LV Ejection Fraction 40%).

Dr. Neil Bardoloi (HOD – Cardiology Department, Excelcare Hospitals) said “Usually, in such cases of Bradyarrhythmias (Conduction System Abnormalities with LV dysfunction), conventional treatment approach requires implantation of CRT (Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy) device which is expensive. But in this case, we have adopted Conduction System Pacing/Physiological Pacing as a replacement for CRT. The procedure went off smoothly and the outcome was satisfactory.”

Dr. Dilip Kumar went on to add, “There are many benefits of Physiologic pacing as it paces the intrinsic conduction system of the Heart. Hence the chances of Pacing Induced Cardio Myopathy, Atrial Fibrillation and Heart Failure is negligible. This kind of pacing strategy is a new development in this therapy area, moreover it is seen as a revolutionary approach as it is not only safe and effective but very affordable as compared to CRT therapy.“

It must be noted that such interventional procedures are done at very select institutions in the country as it requires highly trained and skilled professionals. The patient was stable at the time of discharge.

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