Guwahati| Dumper laden with sand seized


Among the supari and wood syndicates of Assam, sand syndicates are also still running in full swing at the nook and cranny of the state.

On Monday night, during a joint operation carried out by the South Guwahati Forest Department along with Forest Department of Basistha region, had seized a sand loaded dumper. The dumper was carrying the sands from Chaygaon towards Patarkuchi in the Basistha region.

As per reports, the dumper was unable to show any valid documents regarding the sands they were carrying.

On the other hand, a gravel loaded truck was seized at the Gorchuk region on last 14th of September.

It has been suspected by police and the locals that, miscreants are running such sand – gravel business illegally under the support of powerful politicians or managing the high-level police officials.

However, now the dumper has been kept in the Basistha Forest Reserve office.

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