Guwahati emerging as a danger zone


Guwahati, the gateway of the North East is slowly emerging as the riskiest zone of North East India with the arrival of hundreds and thousands of people from outside the state while registering a steady growth of COVID -19 positive numbers..

Although the first wave of the pandemic was well negotiated by Assam and Guwahati in the Lockdown 3.0 the advantage of the first half is being lost as authorities are not being able to manage the huge amount of people rushing in from outside the state of which a substantial portion are COVID -19 cases but asymptomatic.

The Guwahati Medical College Hospital campus is a point of infection as another student of the Regional Dental College was found positive. She was also used as the screening area of the COVID fight. This is the second case in the GMCH where students have been affected with no travel history sending a clear message that the source of the infection was not traced out.

In Assam due to non-availability of the rapid test kit, only those who have symptoms the Swab tests have been carried out, which means there is no random test and as a result a large number of COVID patients are out making the premier city as one of the riskiest places to live and work in the region.

But normal Guwahatians have given two hoots to this development as it remains officially in Green zone and hence most of the activities are open, including office and market places with strict regulations.

Already murmurs of nervousness and anger have surfaced about the behaviors of Guwahati city. Everyone agrees that Guwahati is going to see a major spike in the next 15 days as the peak is expected only in the first half of June only.

The authorities have so far declared three areas containment zone namely Joypur area, B.Barooah cancer hospital areas and GMCH’s some PG Hostel and Regional Dental college area. Moreover, B.Barooah cancer Hospital and ESI hospital have been closed down and the GMCH has stopped taking new patients fearing to spread of infection.

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