Guwahati Entrepreneur Awarded ‘Times Excellence Award’

Partha Pratim Pathak, a new generation entrepreneur hailing from Guwahati Assam has been Awarded ‘Times Excellence Award’ on Saturday for his work on Biomedical Waste Disposal and Management especially during the Covid-19 period by Economic Times of Times of India Group -the leading media group of India.

In a virtual ceremony broadcasted on 27 August, 2021 Partha has been awarded for his exceptional work in the field of Biomedical Waste disposal. A total 33 people from different parts of India have been awarded for their exceptional work in their respective field. The Times Group got around 2650 nominations from different parts of India for their excellence in a different field. They were screen by a Jury of editors from the Group.

“I am really thankful to the Times Group for this recognition and also would like to thank my family, friends and all the workers, engineers and managers of Fresh Air for their support. I believe in the future I shall be able to contribute more in the field of Environment and Pollution Control,” said Partha Pratim Pathak.

He is the Managing director of Fresh Air Waste Management Private Services Pvt. Limited Guwahati.

Partha Pratim Pathak is the Son of Professor A Pathak and Smti Purnima Pathak from Fatashil, Guwahati. He is a pass out from Assam Engineering College.

Partha started the organisation with the name of Fresh Air in the year 2003 with an idea to set up a full-fledged Common Bio-Medical Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility to provide scientific treatment and disposal of solid biomedical waste generated by Health Care Facilities of Guwahati City. He not only established the first Common Bio-Medical Waste treatment facility of North East India by also the one to practically implement the idea of Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal Plant or facility.

One of the main hurdles was the finance from the bank. As the banks in this region were not aware of this project and questions about the viability of the project aroused resulting reluctance to finance the project by them. At last, the North Eastern Development Finance Corporation or NEDFi came forward to finance a part of the project with the help of which not only the Guwahati city but also North East India had its first Common Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Facility. Currently, the CBWTF of Fresh Air is one of the largest facilities in the country.

The Company had started its liquid waste management wing in the year 2005, under which it provides solution of liquid waste management by Producing, Supplying Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) and Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) to Industries, hospitals, hotels, residential buildings etc. Partha’s company has supplied more than 100 ETP and STPs to different organizations in different parts of the country namely Assam, West Bengal, Meghalaya, Orrisa, Sikkim etc. Oil India Ltd., ONGC, NF Railway, GSK Foods, Apollo Hospitals, GNRC Hospitals, BritnniaInustries, Sobisco Industries, CG Foods etc are some of the valuable clients of Fresh Air who have been using ETP and STP of Fresh Air.

Fresh Air Waste Management Services Pvt. Ltd. or Fresh Air is the pioneer in the disposal of Bio-Medical Waste and liquid waste management in the whole NE region.

It is to be noted that Partha Pratim Pathak was also awarded Entrepreneurial Excellence Award by North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd. (NEDFI) in the year 2010 and Indian leadership award for Industrial development by the All India achievers foundation in 2014 and the Guwahati Leadership award 2019 by World federation CSR 2019.

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