Guwahati gets its own Taj Mahal


The 100 ft tall, replica of Taj Mahal has been inaugurated on Sunday at Hatigaon in Guwahati. The replica is a shrine or Mazar of Hazrat-e-ala Murtaza Shah Shwakhbhi.

The shrine, constructed using cement and other modern-day materials, has been commissioned by Matab Husain and Zakir Husain with the support of some other followers of Hazarat-e-ala Murtaza Shah Shwakhbhi’s preachings.

The total expenditure incurred so far is said to be about Rs 30 lakh.

This structure has been attracting the attention of curious people from across the city and photos of this structure are being shared on social media.

A cultural function was organised on the occasion of the inauguration of the shrine.

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