Guwahati: Helmets Mandatory for Pillion Riders from Dec 1

The Kamrup (M) District Transport Office (DTO) will strictly implement the rules of wearing helmet by both the riders in two-wheelers in Guwahati. The new rule will be implemented from December 1.

The DTO will impose a fine of Rs. 1000 over violation of rules and an FIR might be lodged against the repeated violators, said the DTO officials. “The wearing of helmet by both the riders will now be made compulsory in order to prevent road accidents that have increased at a large number,” DTO Gautam Das said.

Additionally, the DTO also made mandatory to wear seat belts while driving a car. “The DTO is conducting awareness programme to mitigate road accidents and from December 1 we will strictly implement the rules. If any commuters will violate the rules, strict action will be taken as per law,” the DTO said.

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