Guwahati: Milk Price Increases by Rs. 3 Per Litre

The Greater Guwahati Dairy Farmers Association has hiked the price of milk by Rs, 3 per litre from July 1. The milk price has been hiked as the dairy farmers have increased their prices.

Earlier, a litre of milk was bought at a price of Rs. 48 and sold at Rs. 51 per litre in wholesale and 53 per litre in retail but now a litre of milk will be bought at Rs. 51 per litre and will sell at Rs. 54 per litre in wholesale and Rs. 56 per litre in retail.

A total of 1 lakh 60 litres of milk are being sold at Guwahati on a daily basis.

520 people are engaged in milk business in Guwahati.

It may be mentioned that, with the hike in milk prices, the price of sweets and other milk products might also increase.

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