Guwahati once again reels under artificial floods


Guwahati is once again reeling under artificial floods. Heavy rains overnight have paralysed the entire city of Guwahati on Sunday.

Reportedly, flash floods have submerged Zoo road, Sixmile, Baghorbori and Panjabari areas of the city. Water is heavily flowing over the streets of Guwahati finding no other outlet.

There have also been reports of Khanapara and Jorabat being flooded with waters flowing downstream from Meghalaya.

This is not the first instance that the city is reeling under flash floods causing hindrance in commutation for public and private transport system, with many many vehicles heading towards Upper Assam stuck mid way.

The artificial floods are becoming a serious matter of concern with the Assam government still working out on solutions to do away with such instances in the future.

As a measure to prevent these floods, police had also taken up eviction drive in Jorabat to clear the cluttered drains which block the smooth flowing of excessive water.

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