GUWAHATI | Raid in City markets


The Officials of Food Civil Service & Consumer Affairs, Kamrup (M) visited various major market of Guwahati viz. Fancybazar, Ganeshguri, Dispur Super, Six Mile, Beltola, Maligaon shuttle gate to monitor the retail & wholesale price of potato and onion.

During their visit, the retail price of potato & Onion found as:

  • Potato: Rs. 14/- 20/- per kg.
  • Onion: Rs. 18/- to 22/- per kg.

Wholesale price found as:

  • Potato Rs. 1000/- to 1500/- per qntl.
  • Onion Rs. 1200/- to 1700/- per qntl.

During their visit the traders were directed to keep the purchase memo of the items all along with them in the shops.

Further, they are directed by the officials to display the price of potato & onion in their shop conspicuously.

In course of their visit a case has been registered against an unscrupulous traders by the officials of legal metrology.

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