Guwahati submerged under flood again


Artificial flood hits various parts of Guwahati on Thursday submerging many parts of the city including Maligaon, Guwahati Club, Chandmari, Zoo Road, Kahelipara, Panjabari, and Jorabat.

Heavy rainfall  for a couple of hours  flooded the city roads adding trouble to the commuters and brought life to a standstill.

It has become a recurring phenomenon of the city causing hindrance in commutation for public and private transport system.

The artificial flood of Guwahati has made the people suffer since a long time. But no major steps has been taken by the government of Assam in controlling the artificial flood scenario.

The rapidly developing metropolitan environment has indiscriminately changed the large vacant lands and natural drainage controls which has changed the ecology and worsened the artificial flood situation of Guwahati.



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