Guwahati To Become IT Hub Soon: Partha Neog


An IT company of Assam has brought a business agreement of Rs. 150crore with an American company challenging Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai etc.

Vantage has taken a new initiative by opening the door for Assam youths in the IT sector. It is through the vantage circle office situated in Guwahati that 50-60 Assam youths are providing cooperation to the Multi-National company of America through Vantage Circle, where around 80,000 employees are working in the IT sector.

The Vantage Circle has been started by two youths of Assam Partha Neog and Anjan Pathak who have completed their study from Kurukshetra NIT and Nagpur NIT respectively.

Speaking to Pratidin Time, Partha Neog said that Guwahati will soon become the hub of IT sector.

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