Guwahati: Travel Advisory For Dashami On Oct 15 & 16 | Complete Details

To ensure safety of public, especially vulnerable users road users, and for free passage of emergency vehicles, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Guwahati, has imposed the following restrictions on traffic movement of vehicles during the day of immersion of Goddess Durga Devi on October 15 and 16.

The restrictions will be imposed from 11 am today and shall remain into force till completion of immersion, an official notification from Assam Police read:

Restrictions on the movement of vehicles:

  1. All vehicles, except idol carrying vehicles, coming from Chandmari side to Jalukbari side shall not be allowed to enter MC Road and instead shall be diverted via GNB Road. TC Point and RBI Point to Pan Bazar over bridge North point. The vehicles shall then take left turn and proceed to AT Road for respective destinations.
  2. The idol carrying vehicles moving from Bharalumukh and Fatasil area are to move via AT Road and DG Road towards Pandu.
  3. No vehicles except idol carrying vehicles shall be allowed to take right turn at District Library point from GNB Road to KLB Road.
  4. All vehicles coming from Jalukbari, Bharalumukh side towards Chandmari, Noonmati, Dispur side shall be regulated at Apollo point on MG Road and diverted via TRP Road, then to HB Road or AT Road. These vehicles shall proceed either to KLB Road via HB Road (towards Chandmari, Noonmati and Geetanagar) or to AT Road (towards Dispur and Khanapara).
  5. All vehicles coming from Uzan Bazar, Kharghuli and Noonmati shall be regulated and diverted via Tayabullah Road and GNB Road.
  6. TRP road and HB Road shall be one way from Apollo point side, MG Road only.

Regulations for movement of Idol carrying vehicles:

  1. No idol carrying vehicles shall be allowed to move on B Baruah Road from Ulubari to TC point.
  2. All idol carrying vehicles coming from Chandmari side shall be regulated at TC Point and diverted via MC Road, FC Road and MG Road.
  3. Idol carrying vehicles from Tokobari, Paltanbazar, Ulubari, Rehabari, Birubari, Chatribari, Bishnupur and Lalganesh areas shall move either via (a) BK Kakoti Road, Ulubari, GS Road, Paltanbazar, Panbazar road over bridge, MLN Road and MG Road or via (b) AK Azad Road, Nepali Mandir, Panbazar road over bridge, ML Nehru Road and MG Road.
  4. Idol carrying vehicles from Kumarpara, Athgaon and Fatasil areas shall move via AT Road, TRP Road, Kedar Road and MG Road to Kaachomarighat.
  5. Idol carrying vehicles from Rajgarh, Bhangagarh and Christianbasti areas are to move via GS Road Bhangagarh, Rajgarh Road, RG Barooah Road (Zoo Road), MR Dewan Road, Guwahati Club, TC Point, MC Road, FC Road and MG Road.
  6. Idol carrying vehicles from Ganeshguri, Dispur and Kahilipara areas are to move from Ganeshguri via RG Barooah Road (Zoo Road), MR Dewan Road, Guwahati Club, TC Point, MC Road, FC Road and MG Road.
  • Traffic arrangement at Pandu Ghat

Regulations for movement of Idol carrying vehicles:

The idol carrying vehicles of Maligaon, Gotanagar, Jalukbari and Pandu area shall proceed to Pandu Ghat for immersion via Adabari Tiniali- Pandu port road and after the immersion the vehicles exit through Pandu-Sadilapur road.

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