Guwahati Unlock 1.0: Here’s How Shops Are To Open


A meeting was held today regarding the opening of shops and business establishments in the Kamrup Metro on one side of the street from Monday.

The meeting, which was presided over by DC Biswajit Pegu, was held following Saturday’s announcement of Unlock 1.0 in the Kamrup Metro district which will come to force from 7 pm of July 19.

In the meeting, it was decided by draw of lots that on July 20, that is Monday, the shops and business establishments on the right hand side of any street will remain open. On the next day, that is Tuesday, the ones on the left hand side will function. This pattern will go on for the first week.

Paltan Bazar will be the nodal point from where right and left sides will be finalized.

For the next week starting from July 27, the pattern will be reversed. To put it simply, shops and business establishments on the left hand side of any street will function on Monday. And the ones on the right side will stay open on Tuesday.

In remaining areas of small lanes and bye lanes, the local trade body will finalise the pattern of opening the shops as per the government order.

The Administration, in the meeting, also requested all traders to get themselves tested for COVID-19 along with, among others, their employees and delivery persons.   

Please find the complete order below.

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