Guwahati Vegetable Markets Fully Operating


The markets of Guwahati are running full-fledged although the government strictly warns to keep it close during the Lockdown period amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Although the government instructed the traders to follow the requisite norms, streets are full of vegetables and fruits and people are seen in the markets without having taken any preventive measures like wearing masks and keeping social distancing.

At the time, when the country is seen with the positive cases of Covid-19 increasing rapidly, the people seem to have taken the issue lightly and took to streets to buy essential commodities.

Markets are flooded with vegetables unlike normal days but the administration has not taken any steps to maintain the guidelines issued by the government.

Vegetable vendors are seen in every part of the city where people are seen crowded in the areas to buy vegetables. The question arose as, at the time when the government asked to maintain social distancing, these people are seen crowding the market places without having any fear of getting infected with the deadly virus.

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