Guwahati: Ward 8, 16, & 28 Declared Containment Zones | Full Details Of Boundaries

As Kamrup Metro District Administration has set a benchmark 0f 400 active Covid cases to declare a ward as containment zone, three wards in Guwahati – 08, 16, and 28 are now under containment until further notice.

Under Gauhati Municipal Corporation, there are 31 wards, and ward number 28 has registered 743 active Covid case, ward 16 has recorded 509 cases, and 415 cases were detected in ward 08.

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During a press meet on Wednesday, Kamrup Metro Deputy Commissioner also informed the boundaries of the three containment zone.

Complete Details of the Containment Zones’ Boundaries


  • Northern Side of Ajanta Path to Basistha Road Junction point, up to Hatigaon Chariali.
  • Western Side of Basistha Road to Chandan Nagar Road to Tangora Satra Wooden Bridge
  • Eastern Side of Rukmini Bahini River to NH37 brdige in Basistha Chariali.
  • North of NH37 upto Basistha Road.
  • Eastern Side of Basistha Road upto southeastern extreme boundary of Basistha village of Basistha Road.


  • On the northern side AK Dev Road to Ambari Tinali up to Morabhorolu and Lakhara.
  • On the eastern side, Morabhorolu up to glass factory to Lakhara road, the eastern side of Lakhara road to Dhuboria road
  • On the southern side, Lakhara to Dhuboria road from bye lane 2 up to Morabhorolu.
  • On the western side, Morabhorolu to bye lane 2 from Dhubolia, Itabola junction to AK Road to Ambari Temple.


  • On the northern side, the central line of Brahmaputra to the back of Sonaram field up to Kedar road.
  • On the eastern side, Kedar road to AT road up to Chabipool and Satijoymoti road.
  • On the southern side, east of Netaji Subhas Road upto Fatasil Bridge upto GS Colony road.
  • On the western side, River Bharalu to AT Road to Sonaram field.
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