Sidhartha shines in japanese Martial Arts

Siddhartha becomes highest ranked Indian Kendoka


In what could be termed as a proud moment for the state and the whole of the nation, Siddhartha Sarma from Guwahati has recently become the first Indian to pass the Kendo 5th Dan examination held at Oita Kendo Federation Dan Exam in Oita, Japan.

As per the AJKF (All Japan Kendo Federation), no Indian had earlier passed the 5th Dan examination, thus making him the highest ranked Indian Kendoka. In the examination, besides the practical fights test, he also passed the written test which was entirely in Japanese.

Kendo is a Japanese marital art of fencing with Bamboo sword and armor in which the martial artist is adjudged based on his physical as well mental maturity to overcome his opponent.

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