Hatikhira Tea Estate Locked Down, Manager Absconded


A tea garden in Karimganj district has been closed down ahead of the Durga Puja. The Manager of the Hatikhira tea estate in the district has absconded fearing that the tea labourers will fall in distress.

Everything was running smoothly but problem arrived when the officials of the garden panchayat asks for bonus. Although the workers have repeatedly demanded for bonus, the garden authorities didn’t pay any attention to them.

The workers expressed anger over ignoring their demand and didn’t allow the tea carrying vehicles to pass. The workers said that if the garden is running smoothly then why the authorities can’t provide the required bonus to them.

They protested in front of the office and said that until and unless their demands will not be fulfilled they will not allow any vehicles to pass.

After the incident, a discussion was held among the labour union, local magistrate and the manager of the tea garden at Bazarichora police station and the manager assured that the workers will be provided with the bonus today. But the manager had absconded on Thursday night itself in a fear that he will be attacked by the workers.

The manager has given a notice of shut down of office to one-two workers through WhatsApp. The workers said that they have come to know about the shut down when they went to work today morning. They have come to know that the manager is not there and they also alleged that they were about to get their weekly ration and daily wage today.

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