Hatimura Villagers Observes Adya-Shraddha of Burha Baba


At a time when there is a conflict between man and elephant, people of Hatimura in Kaliabor has proved that humanity still exist and that people still have love for animals. The villagers of Hatimura have performed rituals of Adya Shraddho of a wild elephant who has died after prolonged illness since three years.

Villagers said that the elephant which they named as ‘Burha-Baba’ has come from Kaziranga National Park three years ago in search of food and since then the elephant was staying in the village and he was suffering from prolonged illness but the villagers took responsibility of the elephant and provided him with necessary care but the elephant breathed its last on May 26.

To pay respect to the elephant, the villagers today observed Adya Shraddho after 13 days with all the rituals.

Although the wild elephant which has come from Kaziranga in search of food has become like a domestic elephant with the love and care that people has given to the elephant.

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