Hike in Diesel Price Might Lead to Suspension of City Bus Service


The city bus service might suspend its service soon due to the continuous hike of fuel price. The hikes in diesel prices have put the city bus owners and employees in dilemma.

On the one hand, the buses are running at a loss due to COVID-19 pandemic as the government has instructed to board only 50% passengers and now the price of diesel has put the owners in impasse as they are undergoing huge loss.

The bus owners’ association demanded to reduce the price of diesel or else they will have to stop the city bus service to the passengers.

Addressing a press conference, the owners’ said that they have not been able to give salary to the employees. Earlier, 700 buses were plied in the city but due to the Covid-19 outbreak, 400 buses are plying on the roads. Now that the diesel price has been hiked for 18th consecutive days, they will have to stop plying of these 300 buses as well.

They further stated that the families of 3000 employees who are associated with the city bus service are in dilemma.

The bus owners’ association demanded to reduce the diesel price and further demanded to hike the bus fare so that they could run their family.

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