Hiked bus fare comes into effect


Hiked city bus fares, proposed by the Bus owner associations in an attempt to compensate for rising fuel prices, has implemented in Guwahati from today.

After getting consent from Assam Government, the Guwahati Transport Association (GTA), Guwahati Metro Transport Association (GMTA) and Deluxe Bus Association (DBA) had decided to hike the city bus fares from October 9.

As per the new fare chart, the minimum fare for city bus services is now Rs 7 up to 3 km, followed by Rs 8 for a distance of 3-5 km, Rs 12 for 5-9 km and Rs 15 for 9-13 km. For 13-17 km, the new fare is Rs 18, Rs 21 (17 km to 21 km) and Rs 23 (21 km to 25 km).

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