Hima avoiding training, AFI unhappy

The Athletic Federation of India (AFI) is unhappy over athlete Hima das not resuming her training at NIS Patiala and feels that this has seriously jeopardized her chances at Tokyo Olympic.

The AFI president Adile Sumariwalla have got in touch with Assam Government officials and have expressed displeasure that Hima das has been wasting time in non sporting events.

All other successful Indian athletes of  Asian games , after taking a break from the schedule spent some time with the near and dear ones and usual round of felicitations and celebrations, have resumed their training at Patiala under the watchful guidance of their respective coach.

The  AFI is worried over the fact that she is the only world champion at this moment for India in athletic and is a great prospect considering the fact that she is just 18 and have shown tremendous progress over the past 16 months.

But what has worried the AFI is the continuous refusal of Hima to resume training one some or some pretext. What has worried more is the  wobbling focus of Hima over her career as she seems to be more interested in her non sporting events.

After a grand welcome to Assam, she was expected to return after a week of stay at her village. But she was seen doing social dos and commercial engagements all over India in the past one month which has raised eyebrows not only amongst the sports enthusiasts, journalists and officials but also her diehard fans.

AFI president Adile raised the matter with Assam Sorts and Youth Welfare Council Member Secretary Lakhya Konwar. Confirming this development, Mr Konwar said that Hima has been peeruaded  to return and resume training from October 18.

In between she has collected her Arjun medal, a job of HR Executive with the Indian Oil Corporation(IOC), couple of flats gifted by the real estate developers  in Assam and a contract with the sports giant Adidas which has been hailed by her fans.

The hysteria around her only confirms that she is emerging as first super star outside the cricket in recent years as she has donned cover of several glossy magazines also, something the hardcore sports loathing as they feel that with more hard work, she is destined for greater heights.

The AFI consider her a Tokyo Olympic prospect. But her present timings and the standard of the Olympic besides lack of preparation times has forced AFI to seek intervention of Assam Government. “This is one of the reason Indian athletes d not do well in Olympics” wrote Mr Adille in his messages to Assam Government.

Hima’s personal coach Nipon Das has also been approached and warned to send his ward back to the training. But Hima is taking it easy and have asked for a 45 day break before resuming the rigour of training. At this moment, Him is spending time at Guwahati with light exercise to maintain her fitness.

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