108, 102 to resume services in Assam

The 108 and 102 employees has resumed their services from today. The state  Health & Family Welfare Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma held a meeting met with the representatives of 108 and 102 employees on Friday and  the salary deprived employees were assured regularization and also an increment in their salaries.

The meeting was mediated by Rituparna Barua, MLA from Lahowal constituency.  The Health Minister also assured that the salaries of the emergency health services employees of Assam will be at per with the Gujarat employees.They were also assured of no cut in their salaries during the period of the protests.The emergency services will be conducted with new guidelines from October 1st 2018.

Sharma also ensured there would also be no disciplinary action against the employees who indulged in physical conflict with the GVK EMRI officials during the protest. He also assured that no 108, 102 employee would be halted from their duties.

Earlier the Health Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma had expressed his opinion regarding the protest of 108, 102 health workers. In a statement to media, Sarma said that the government is not accountable for the protest as GVK-EMRI is their boss.


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