Hima’s North Guwahati visit after recording slowest, raises concern


Hima Das’ fourth position in her first race of the season at the Indian Grand Prix has notably left no mark on the sprinter as two days later on Mahashivratri, Hima was seen visiting the North Guwahati’s Auniati Xatra. At a time when the athlete requires to train even harder, Hima is seen visiting places seeking land for a stadium.

Asian Games silver medalist Hima Das came fourth with a time of 55.19 seconds, her slowest time ever in the quarter-mile since she started competing in the event at the Federation Cup 2018, shocked her fans as well her coach and raising alarm bells for the Athletic Federation of India.

The purpose behind Dhing Express’ visit to the Xatra was to meet the Xatradhikar Dr Pitambar Dev Goswami seeking land for a stadium to be built in Dhing.

Hima urged the Xatradhikar to grant a total of 16 Bighas of land for establishment of the stadium. It may be noted that the Xatra had already granted 12 Bighas of land but Hima and other sports enthusiasts of Dhing feel the need for an additional 4 Bighas land.

Hima’s all time slow timing has raised issues of concern of her selection process at the Olympics. However, her visit to the Xatra is it a sign of Hima losing interest in her game and focusing more on her marketing? If so, then it is high time Hima pulls up her socks before she loses the importance all the people of Assam and India is bestowing on her.

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