Holiday windfall for Assam Govt. Employees


There has been a holiday windfall for 15 lakh strong Assam Govt. employees and majority of them are ruing the fact they could not utilize for late announcements.

It all started on last Saturday, which was a holiday being second Saturday. The Sunday was Sunday and then came the Bharat Bandh, which was a forced holiday by Congress.

Although many attended the office, but it was thin and government too did not enforce that. But then came the announcement of Tuesday as a holiday for the Srimanta Sahankardeva Tithi.

“You can call it a long 4 day holiday. As Saturday and Sunday were scheduled and Monday I did come out for office but could not reach office due to non availability of transport” said Monica Das, an employee of PHE department of Assam Government.

But some like Janardhan thauria, a clerk of the PWD department, however ruing the fact the he could not capitalize on it. “Had I knew beforehand, I would have surely gone to Gangtok using this four day and one more casual leave would have made it a 5 day holiday” he said sheepishly.

Anyway, till Wednesday office of Assam Govt shall remain closed and rest of the people of Assam have to think that they are not fortunate.

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