Home Ministry goes to Amit Shah


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Amit Shah who has been the closest confidant and chief strategist of Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be the new Home Minister in the Modi’s 2.0 cabinet. The appointment makes Amit Shah who masterminded the party’s landslide victory in elections this month the de-facto number 2 of the government.

Amit Shah takes over the ministry from Rajnath Singh who has been allotted the Ministry of Defence, a move that could be seen as a pared-down posting despite being well within the Big4 grouping of Home, Finance, Defence and External Affairs.

Shah was among the 58 ministers who were sworn-in on Thursday along with the Prime Minister for the new cabinet.

Shah helped the party with huge successful campaign over the past six weeks to raise the BJP’s tally to 303 out of 545 in the Lok Sabha which was 282 in 2014 despite loses in key state elections in December.

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