Hong Kong Airport Resumes Flights on Wednesday

Hong Kong’s Airport resumed operations on Wednesday rescheduling hundreds of flights that had been disrupted over the past two days as protestors clashed with riot police in a deepening crisis in the Chinese-controlled city.

About 30 protestors remained at the airport on early morning of Wednesday while workers clean the blood and debris overnight. The passengers who waited overnight have been seen to get relief as check-in counters reopened to queues of weary travelers.

However, police have condemned the violent acts by protestors overnight and said that a large group has harassed and assaulted a visitor and a journalist.

The police also informed that the arrested person have increased to 600 since the protests began in June with five persons who have been detained on Tuesday.

The Airport Authority of Hong Kong on Tuesday said that operations at the city’s international airport had been seriously disrupted as riot police used pepper spray to disperse thousands of black-clad protestors.

Moreover, the demonstrators say that they are fighting the erosion of the “one country, two systems” arrangement that enshrined some autonomy for Hong Kong when it returned to China in 1997.

The protests began opposing a bill which has now been suspended. The bill would have allowed the extradition of suspects for trial in mainland China but have swelled into wider calls for democracy.

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