Hong Kong protests intensify

With pro-democracy protests intensifying in Hong Kong, thousands of protesters refused to abide by a police ban on rallying today. The move comes a day after the arrests of many leading activists and lawmakers in a police crackdown.

According to reports, police banned a planned rally due to security reasons following last weekend’s violent clashes. 

Security had been tightened near Liason Office, the department that represents China’s central government. The police readied water cannon on the streets as precautionary measures. 

Within a period of 24 hours, activists such as Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow of the Demosisto Party and Independence campaigner Andy Chan had been arrested while Lawmaker Cheng Chung-tai of the Civic Passion party was also detained due to the ongoing protests.

It may be noted that till now 900 people have been arrested since the outbreak of the protests in June. The protests erupted after Hong Kong government tried to pass a bill allowing extraditions to mainland China.

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