Hotel owner provides free meal to soldiers in Assam


The story of a hotel owner- who has been providing free meal to Indian soldiers, his name is Subrata Ghosh. Ghosh has a special bonding with Indian Army.

When he was a school student, he had dreamt of becoming an Army personnel in future. He wanted to save the nation from terrorists and all troubles. However, for some personal problems he couldn’t join in Indian Army.

Subrata lost his father when he was young and had to support his family and initiated the hotel Bengali Kitchen last year. It was difficult for him to leave his mother alone.

In November 2017, with the help of his friend Subal Basak, he had started their new endeavor Bengali Kitchen at Agia. Owner of Bengali Kitchen Subrata Ghosh and Subal Basak have decided not to take money for serving food to the soldiers. They started journey of humanity from this mini hotel in their hometown Agia.

An army camp is near his hotel Bengali Kitchen in Agia Road under Goalpara district. They believe that service to the soldiers is service to the nation and Subrata wants to fulfill his incomplete dreams through it.

Featured Image : The Telegraph 

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