Houston: PM Modi Assures Kashmiri Pandits New Kashmir

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a special interaction with a 17-member delegation of Kashmiri Pandits here and assured them of building a new Kashmir which would be for everyone.

The delegation, which included Kashmiri Pandits from across the US, met PM Modi in Houston after his arrival to participate in Howdy Modi event.

Modi told the delegation, “Kashmir mein naee hava bah rahee hai (New winds are blowing in Kashmir) and we will all build a new Kashmir together that will be for everyone.”

The government of India has revoked the special status on August 5 given to Jammu and Kashmir and bifurcated it into two union territories.

Modi also thanked the community for their patience for over 30 years.

Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson, Raveesh Kumar earlier tweeted that the Kashmiri Pandits expressed support for the steps taken by the Indian government for the progress of India.

In a Tweet, Kumar said, “In Houston, a delegation of the Kashmiri Pandit community met the Prime Minister. They unequivocally supported the steps being taken for the progress of India and the empowerment of every Indian.”

The delegation also thanked the Prime Minister for the move and said that their 700,000 community members were indebted to his government.

A memorandum was also presented to the Prime Minister by the delegation requesting him to set up a task force under the Indian Home Ministry to bring the community together, develop the region and repatriate Kashmiri Pandits.

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