How many Xatras in Assam???


If you know how many Xatras are in Assam please let us know because Assam Government does not know and finding an answer.

 It has three sets of figures

Deputy Commissioners – 593

Archaeology Deptt. – 875

Revenue Deptt.- 648

The embarrassing contradiction in the total numbers of xattras came to light when the Revenue and Disaster Management department of the State government asked the deputy commissioners and also the Directorate of Archaeology to submit the information in this regard.

Interestingly, the information submitted by the DC from the district suggested that 593 xattras existed but the Archaeology directorate came up with the number 875. There was a difference of a huge  number of  282 Xattras.

Shocked with the gape, the Revenue and Disaster Management department carried out a compilation of the information and found that there are 648 xattras in the State.

The Revenue and Disaster Management Department further found that the 648 xattras are located in 19 districts of the State. The total land of these xattras, according to the department, is 99,018 bigha, 4 katha and 9 lecha.

This issue is particularly embarrassing for Assam Government as it came to power on the slogans of retrieving the Xattra land from the encroachers.

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