How the Surgical Strike 2.0 was planned


February 15

Air Chief Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa presents  planes of  retaliatory  airstrikes. The government gives  green signal

February 16-20 :

The IAF and  Army did reconnaissance airborne surveillance along LOC with Heron drones.

February 20-22 :

The IAF drew target tables humanint (Human Intelligence)

February 21 :

National Security Advisor Ajit Doval is briefed with target options for an airstrike.

February 22 :

The IAF’s 1 Squadron ‘Tigers’ and 7 Squadron ‘Battle Axes’ are standby.  Two Mirage squadrons designate 12 jets for the mission.

February 24 :

Recee conducted over central India with an early warning jet Bhatinda and a mid-air refueller from Agra.

February 25-26 :

3:05 a.m The 12 Mirage 2000s take off from Gwalior in batches, armed with laser-guided bombs.

3:0 Early warning jet takes off from Bhatinda, and a mid-air refueling tanker takes off from Agra.

3:10: IAF Heron surveillance drone takes over from a secret airfield.

3:10 Mirage s conduct final checks on the targets, gets ALL GO. Fly  at a low-level across the Line of Control near Muzaffarabad to avoid radar and the  use laser pods to ‘paint’ targets and drop their payload of bombs.

3:20-3:30 – Surgical Strike 2.0 conducted

3: 30 : Army stand bye for Pakistan counter attack

February 26

1000: NSA Ajit Doval briefs Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and the government leadership takes stock.

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