Key soures behind Fani’s prediction, monitoring

The Extremely Severe Cyclonic storm turned Severe Cyclonic Storm Fani had been making headlines since its inception. With accurate predictions experts have been able to save millions from the devastation it has unleashed on the state of Odisha.

But don’t you wonder how the experts have been so accurate about Fani? Well, data from various sources had been instrumental in monitoring and predicting the cyclonic storm.

These sources include:

  • 675 Automatic Weather station
  • 559 manned observatories
  • 1208 Automatic Rain Gauges
  • 8579 conventional Rain Gauges
  • 22 Dolpher Weather Radars
  • 39 Radio Sonde / Radiowind observatories including 11 Gps sonde stations
  • 62 pilot baloon observatories
  • INSAT 3D and other satellites

Cooperation and coordination of these sources have made damages caused by a natural calamity as such to its minimal as possible.

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