HSLC 2020: English Question Paper Includes ‘Kali Bihu Festival’


The High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) examination which started on Monday, has left students confused with a question on Bihu or maybe Kali Puja.

In a question which asked students to write an application to the Principal requesting him to grant a half-day on the occasion of the Kati Bihu, the board printed it as “Kali Bihu”, making students think it to be a ‘New Bihu festival’ or ‘Kali Puja’.

In another typo, the question paper mentioned the name of the dragon as ‘Cartard’ instead of ‘Custard’.

It is to be mentioned that this year in Assam around 3,48,739 HSLC candidates and 9,707 AHM candidates are appearing for the board examination in 860 centers.

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