Huge scam in Geo Bags scheme reported


The flood situation in Assam remains grim especially in Jorhat and Karimganj as at least 15000 families have been affected in the area. The River embankments have breached but the concerned authority is failed to control the floods and it has come to notice that the Geo Bags to control the flood is lying empty.

Earlier, on May, the deputy commissioner (in-charge) of Majuli visited the Bhakat Chapori, Gorukhuti area in the riverine island and noticed misuse of government fund at the erosion protection site. The DC, after noticing the misuse of fund immediately reported the issue to the executive engineer of Brahmaputra Board, Majuli and urgently sought an action-taken report.

The letter issued by the DC to the Brahmaputra Board said that instances of putting empty geo bags inside sand-filled bags along with laying of empty geo bags in between sand-filled geo bags were brought to his notice. The DC in his letter also added that this is a serious misconduct and misuse of government fund which clearly indicates lack of proper supervision and inspection of erosion protection works by the site engineers of Brahmaputra Board which has resulted a huge threat to the island as well as agitation among the local people.

Meanwhile, the All Assam Students Union (AASU), Majuli sub-division unit also submitted a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner demanding an inquiry into the issue and a copy of it has also been sent to the Chief Minister. It may be further mentioned that Rs. 194 crore scheme for Protection of Majuli River Island from Erosion was implemented by the Brahmaputra Board which was inaugurated by union minister Nitin Gadkari in 2017 and the project is being carried out by an Arunachal Pradesh-based construction company TK Engineering.

The major components of the project includes bank revetment with geo bags filled with earth/sand for a length of 27 km in 14 locations , RCC porcupine works in 41 locations, construction of a sluice and construction of a pilot channel for a length of 3.50km.

It is due to the negligence of the Brahmaputra Board that the embankment of River Bhogdoi was breached on May 22 and many families have been affected.

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