Huge Scam Over Government Land In Guwahati

News has already been published in Guwahati city about how Assam traders and powerful people have been occupying the city’s land anonymously or unanimously by smashing the government policies.

The revenue department has not taken any action in this regard even after information came to light that about 7 bighas of land under Betkuchi Revenue village under Dispur revenue circle were purchased by a non-Assamese businessman through government officials and bureaucrats.

According to some other explosive information that has come in connection with the purchase of that land, this non-Assamese traders circle has registered land under the Green Belt in addition to railways and air port land under their name.

Even though Pradeep Agarwal and his company cannot purchase the land as per the master plan of Guwahati, the process has already begun of the land registration.

The additional chief secretary in charge of the revenue department also highlighted at that time that the land advisory committee did not have the number of settlement orders to destroy the green signaled land.

Starting from the Office of the Circle Officer, the land, first in the name of North East Agricultural Seed Fund and Research Centre, was requisitioned in the name of M/s KRC Ware House on March 12, 2018.

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The land registration started with the order of the Government through letter of RSS 594/2004/39 dated 25.4.06 and the letter of deputy commissioner of Kamrup city district as on 21.3.2005 of RS 266/04/16. The Dispur Circle Officer had passed an order in this regard on 22/12/2010 as per Rule 297/10-11.

A total amount of 15 lakh 11 thousand 250 rupees through challan no. 2009/05/1017 for land clearance was collected by the government.

The old P.O. 91 government land was ordered by in the name of North East Agricultural Seed Fund and Research Centre.

Accordingly, as per the possession and documents, part 362 R of 47 P.O, part 1043 R of P.O. 448, total 2073R of 668R of stain no. 668R were cut from new P.O number and patta number from old patta.

Bhogeshwar Das was the lat mandal who gave his signature when the land was settled by creating separate pattas of 1931 and P.O number 3238 for the said land.

12.3.2018 Namzari No. MET/DIS/2017-18/91/OMUT total of 14.94 lSA land was named after North East Agricultural Seed Fund and Research Centre. The land is currently in the name of M/s KRC Ware House.

Almost all government departments have been paying a blind look for so long even after so much information came to light about such scams taking place in the name of purchase of government land in the heart of the city.

But now the question that arises is that will this government, which has threatened to evict encroachments, ever be able to recover government land from non-Assamese banias who have taken over the government lands in this way?

It may be noted that more than 35,000 bighas of land in the name of various projects of agriculture and horticulture have also been captured by the merchant mafia in such irregularities over the years.

It is also noteworthy why the government has not been able to take any action against these parties even after serious allegations of fraudulent possession of land allotted for agricultural work and extension of land acquisition period came to light.

Kavita Deka was the officer of Dispur Revenue Circle when the land purchase incident took place in the city unlawfully. Ratul Baruah was the subdivision ruler of Kamrup City Headquarters at that time.

Questioning lat mandal Bhogeshwar Das who has already retired will also give a lot of information about the land scam. It may be recalled that the land acquisition process which was traded in the name of Pradeep Agarwal and KRC Ware House is quite questionable.

After such scams that have been going on in the heart of Guwahati, will Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma investigate the matter that has unlawfully captured lands of the government?

Was the NOC which were to be provided by other government departments given during this whole process?

There are also allegations of multi-crore transactions in the entire case involving multi-millionaire merchant traders who have been given land keeping the common man behind them.

Can this government take strict action against government officials who have been giving land pottons to these merchants irregularly with fake documents?

An inquiry into the entire matter is likely to reveal more frightening and explosive information about the purchase of this government land in Guwahati.

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