Human right of Assamese Vs Bengali refugee


Assam is heading for another Assam Agitation as Brahmaputra valley has erupted in protest and threatening to go out of hand even as the battle lines have been clearly drawn and it is now a straight battle between Human right of Assamese versus Human right of Bengali refugees.

It s time for everyone chooses a side and sticks to it. What is the irony is that almost the entire ruling class of the NDA of Assam are the product of the Agitation who milked the same infiltration issue and the same Assam Accord to become MLA and Minister.

Unlike the last CAB protest, this time CAB protest is much more potent and social media has helped it out to reach out to the masses even as NDA owned media houses have been trying to keep the focus away by trying to make it a non-issue.

With almost back to back agitation program lined up, Assam Government is on the edge as on next Sunday the Japanese Prime Minister and Indian Prime Minister are meeting at Guwahati.  Any untoward incident on that would not only bring in disrepute to Assam but certainly, heads will roll and that will include the Chief Minister who is in charge of the law and order.

The  Assam Police have taken out a huge arrangement to thwart any such incidents but it is near impossible to stop everyone as the protest is bound to swell till then. Political insider is speculating that occasion may also be exploited to political score as extremely high stakes are involved.

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