Hyderabad: Priyanka’s Mother Seeks Justice, Wants Rapists To be Burnt

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The mother of the 26-year-old veterinary doctor Priyanka Reddy, who was raped and murdered last week in Hyderabad, wants the culprits to be burnt in the same way her daughter was charred to death.

Dr. Priyanka Reddy’s mother while quoted by Aaj Tak TV said, “I want the rapists to burn in the same way they burnt my daughter.” She said in Telugu as she don’t know much Hindi and asked her husband to translate.

Her husband and younger daughter sitting by her side, who haven’t slept properly since last week when their girl went missing on her way home, assist the woman in expressing her rage.

Remembering the last time when she talked with her daughter, she said, “The last time she spoke to me was on her way home and asked me to cut fruit as she was hungry. Even then she didn’t tell me anything about the flat tire and I was waiting for her at home with the food she asked to prepare.”

Priyanka’s father said that the distraught family hasn’t slept since last Thursday when they last spoke to their daughter before she was waylaid by the gang of men who raped and burnt her body beyond recognition.

He further stated that the police took them to identify the body the next day at 10 am. I immediately recognized my daughter seeing parts of the charred body and some items that were lying around, said the father adding that the police didn’t bother to inform them even after they found the body at 7.30 am.

The furious father later said that people keep telling that Priyanka could have called the police by dialing 100. He said that there are so many steps and instructions to follow on 100 that a person would have to rehearse before calling them but name one person in Telangana who has been saved after dialing 100.

He then goes back in time to remember how his daughter would study 14 hours a day to achieve her dream. “She had fulfilled her dream. She would study 14 hours a day and then got a job, which she did for 3 years. Then she died.”

A court in Hyderabad on Monday posted for Tuesday a petition filed by Hyderabad Police seeking 10-day custody of the four people arrested for raping and murdering the 26-year-old woman veterinarian.

The four men, who faced violent protests while being taken to the prison, are now kept in solitary confinement at Cherlapally Prison in Hyderabad.

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