“I was Asked to join RSS to get Bail”: Akhil Gogoi


Raijor Dal chief and Sivasagar candidate for Assam Assembly elections, Akhil Gogoi in an open letter said that he was asked to become a member of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and he will be granted bail immediately.

In the open letter written by the peasant leader, he said, “Firstly they gave me Hindutva ideology and thereafter they tried to tempt me. I was told that I will only get bail if I join RSS but when I objected I was told that I will be relieved even if I join BJP. They also told me that I should contest the assembly election from an empty seat from and they would allot me the ministry.”

“I also raised my voice against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah and dissented against fascism and selling the country. They asked me to apologize for my comment but I didn’t,” the letter said.

The letter further reads as, “I should leave my agitated life, should stop protesting against construction of dam, should apologize before the government for protesting against CAA especially disrupting the proposed visit of Japan PM Shinzo Abe but I didn’t apologize.”

Akhil in his letter, penned against the backdrop of BJP and Congress’ alleged attempt to sabotage his election campaign in Sivasagar, said that he was clandestinely transported to New Delhi where he was locked up in the NIA headquarter’s lock-up no. 1.

Gogoi further said that his refusal to these demands did not go down too well with the authorities, and they threatened to kill him.

“On December 15 (2019) a marathon interrogation was carried out. I was asked many questions, mainly political in nature. I was told how the Muslims have ruined the country and that by bringing Hindu-Bangladeshis they seek to save the country. I was told that opposing the CAA means taking the side of Muslims which is treason,” Gogoi added in his letter, shedding further light on circumstances post his arrest while the anti-CAA agitation raged across Assam.

He further alleged that he was never once asked about his alleged association with ‘Maoists’, due to which he was originally locked up and that he came to know that he was accused of having link with the Maoists in newspaper only.

He also mentioned in his letter that I should leave KMSS and should do work for NGO and offered an amount of Rs. 20crores but when I refused I was told that a meeting will be fixed with Assam Chief Minister and a powerful minister but I refused too.

He further said that after refusing to all the offers, I was said that I will get 10 years of jail or might be killed. “I was so mentally and physically harassed that I went to toilet for more than 10 times on December 20. When I didn’t accept their offers my bail has been rejected several times,” the letter said.

The letter further stated that at last he was said to be an agent of BJP but he said that he was never an agent nor he will be in the future and that his only aim is to remove BJP from power.

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