IIT Guwahati initiates study to predict the rate of Covid-19 infections

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati and Singapore’s Duke-NUS Medical School have come up with an alternative model to analyse and predict the number of COVID-19 infected people in 30 days in different states of India.

The data-science model, developed by the team, is a combination of all three different models being used in the country at present.

The states are divided into three categories–moderate, severe and controlled. The model follows a different categorisation than the currently adopted Green Zone, Orange Zone and Red Zone classification.

According to the team, India will have 1.5 lakh COVID-19 cases in next 30 days as per logistic method and 5.5 lakh cases as per exponential method.

The report is based on the growth of active cases in recent times, along with the daily infection-rate (DIR) values for each state.

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