Illegal Cement Factory Busted In the city


Garchuk police on Tuesday night unearthed an illegal cement packaging go down in the city in the city.

Police could successfully arrest the main culprit who is involved in packaging old damaged cement. The culprit is identified as Pompu.

Cement of many reputed brands was being mixed with damaged cement, other raw materials and repackaged with logos of known cement brands and sold.

Garchuk police could seize 500 filled cement bags of damaged cement, one truck and some illegal goods.

After receiving specific information from Babor Ali on the illegal operation of the factory, a team of police conducted raid in dumping Ground of Baragaon on the wee hours of Tuesday. Pompu was involved in doing this business since long.

According to sources, Babor was deprived of his due payment for the cost of stones from Pompu. Notably, an illegal cement factory running at Baragaon in the district was busted in May this year.

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