Illegal wood laden trucks seized in Mariani and Amguri

Mariani Regional forest Department has seized an illegal wood smuggling truck (AS 23 BC 5152)at the Dhudar Ali region in Mariani On Tuesday night.

Reportedly, the truck was carrying smuggled woods worth of lakhs which has been suspected as the Arunachali woods.

Moreover, at the Baruah Oil depot in Amguri-Janji connecting road, with the help of two youths of a local organization, Forest Department has detained a smuggled wood laden truck (AS 23 BC 6139) on Tuesday night.

As per reports, the truck was going towards Jorhat from Tinsukia. It may be stated here that, although the police and forest department could seize the truck, but taking the chance of darkness, the driver of the truck managed to escape from the scene.

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