“Illiterate People A Burden On The Country, Can Never Become Good Citizen”: Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah, during a TV interview, said that people who are “illiterate” are a “burden on the country and can never become a good citizen of India”.

He made the statement during an interview with Sansad TV on 20 years of Narendra modi serving in public office. Shah was speaking about how the BJP government has contributed towards increasing enrolment in schools.

 “When you evaluate this, you will know what could be its contribution towards a nation’s progress. An illiterate person is a burden on the country. He neither knows the rights given to him by the Constitution, nor knows the duties expected of him by it. How can such a person become a good citizen,” he said.

 “At that time (when Narendra Modi became CM of Gujarat), the biggest problem was the dropout rate. He started an enrolment process as if it was a festival and took it to 100%. He formed a committee of parents. If a child did not come to school, it was pondered upon. Responsibility of teachers was fixed. The result was that the dropout rate dropped from 37% to less than 1 per cent,” he added.

He also hailed PM Modi as a “democratic leader” and said that even his critics would agree that the Union Cabinet has never functioned in such a democratic manner as it has during the current regime.

Refuting allegations that Modi is an autocratic leader, Shah said the Prime Minister gave importance to all worthy suggestions given by anyone irrespective of their designation or position in the hierarchy.

“I have closely seen both Modi and his style of working. I have never seen a patient listener like him. Whatever may be the issue, he listens to everyone and speaks least, and then takes a proper decision,” Shah said.

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