Mob strips, molest Child marriage protestor

Child marriage on the rise in Assam


We are living in a state, where woman’s bold initiative in favour of a noble cause was rewarded with assault. A woman from a remote village of Assam tried to stall child marriage. After which, mob attacked the woman at Boterhat in Dhubri on Saturday morning.

Allegedly, the woman strongly opposed child marriage of her child that caused the violent mob. The angry mob shaved off her head and poured boiling water on her body after she was undressed.

This shocking incident has exposed how much the system has not been able to penetrate even seven decades after independence.

According to official records of the Social Welfare Department, every third marriage of Assam is a child marriage.

What is more shocking is that that in at least seven major districts of lower Assam including the Dhubri district, the ratio of the Child marriage to normal marriage is 2:1, which means every second marriage of these districts is a child marriage.

Dhubri is the district with highest child marriage rates in Assam (48.3%) – as per recent reports.

It is shameful that even in 2018 Assam is fighting with Child Marriage.

UNICEF said 25 million child marriages were prevented worldwide in the last decade, with the largest reduction seen in South Asia — where India was at the forefront.

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