Increasing petrol-diesel prices are raising concerns


With the promises of ‘Acche Din’ that the BJP government had marched forward, public had actually started believing in them. But the rapid increase in petrol-diesel prices has displayed a complete different picture.

The fuel prices are all time high in this BJP led government. The increasing prices in the entire country have raised serious concerns among various facets of the region. Fuel prices of some states in India have even reached to Rs 85 per litre.

On Wednesday, the price of petrol has reached to Rs 79.34 per litre and diesel prices have reached to Rs 71.34 per litre in Assam. If the price rise is to follow this trend, then the day that petrol price will become Rs 100 per litre is not too far away.

These rising fuel prices have become a challenge for BJP that they have to overcome if they plan to win the 2019 general elections. In short, all hopes of the public seem like being crushed down by the government in the Centre.

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