India complies with WTO norms, supports the trading body: Union Commerce Minister


Union Commerce Minister Suresh Prabhu on Saturday said that India fully respects all World Trade Organisation (WTO) norms and does not subsidise its exports.

Speaking at an event in Kolkata, the Commerce Minister said that the government trying to alleviate the problems of exporters is not the same thing as subsidising exports from India.

At another event, Prabhu said that India strongly supports the World Trade Organisation’s need for regulating norms despite the very existence of the WTO being threatened. Prabhu also informed that the forging of a number of bilateral trading agreements with Latin America, Africa, ASEAN, Europe, the UK, central Asia, GCC, Far East and China is being attempted.

Prabhu, who also holds the portfolio of Civil Aviation, declared that the Ministry is preparing plans for manufacturing drones and planes in the country.

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