India Crosses China’s Tally of COVID-19 with 85,215 Cases


With 85,215 cases of COVID-19, India crossed the tally of China where the virus emerged last year. India now ranked 11th in the world in terms of coronavirus cases.

However, the fatality rate of India still remains significantly better than China at 3.2 percent compared to 5.5 percent. More than 27,000 people have recovered in the country, according to the health ministry’s data available on its website.

More than 44 lakhs people have been affected by the virus across the world with the US reporting nearly a third of the cases, by far the highest. Over 3lakhs people have died from the deadly virus. Russia, the UK, and Spain are the second, third, and fourth positions respectively with well over 2 lakhs cases each.

According to reports, less than 100 people are now undergoing treatment in China for COVID-19, even though some new cases have emerged in the eastern city of Wuhan which is the epicenter of the virus. China reported 4,633 deaths due to the novel coronavirus disease and more than 78,000 have been discharged after recovery.

In India, more people tested positive for the deadly virus infection on Friday from Kashmir to Kerala and from Karnataka to Bihar, even as authorities talked about greater relaxations in the fourth phase of the lockdown beginning Monday (May 18 to May 31) to contain economic costs of the pandemic.

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