India Lacks Good Digital Life Quality: Study


India has ranked one of the lowest globally in terms of Internet quality, a global research survey stated.

Various news outlets have reported that according to the “Digital Quality of Life Index 2020”, India clinched the 79th place out of 85 countries on the quality of digital well-being pertaining to e-infrastructure. The survey based out of 85 countries comprises 81% of the global population.

The online privacy solutions provider SurfShark who conducts this survey said, “India’s Internet quality is one of the lowest across 85 countries analysed in the research. In position 79, India is at the bottom of the pillar with unstable and slow mobile Internet dragging it down in the overall Internet quality index”.

However, India made it to the top 10 in terms of Internet affordability. Place 9th in the list it outshined countries such as the U.K., the U.S. and China while when it comes to e-government and e-governance, India occupied the 15th place globally.

According to the survey, seven of the ten countries with the highest digital quality of life are based in Europe, with Denmark leading among the 85 countries. In Asia, Japan is in the lead.

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