India-Origin Comedian Dies On Stage In Dubai

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An Indian-origin stand-up comedian died on stage due to a high level of anxiety while performing his act in front of a packed audience in Dubai.

According to a report, Manjunath Naidu, 36, suffered a cardiac arrest while performing his routine on stage on Friday. The report says that he complained of high level of anxiety, sat down on the bench next to him and collapsed onto the floor while the audience thinks that that must be a part of the show.

According to his friend, he was the last act in the line-up when he went on stage and was making people laugh with his stories. During his show, he was talking about his father and family. After that he got into a story of how he suffers from anxiety and a minute into the story he collapsed.

His friend said that when he collapsed, the audience thought that it was a part of his show but when he didn’t get up for some time, he was been examined by the organizers and found that he has fainted. The paramedics even couldn’t revive him.

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