India shaping up for its maiden manned spaceflight programme – Gaganyaan


Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh on Tuesday said that Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is on the verge of launching the first Indian into space under the Gaganyaan programme.

Dr Singh said that PM Modi had declared in his independence Day speech that under the Gaganyaan, a son or daughter of India will go to space from Indian soil in an Indian vehicle by 2022 or sooner. He also said that country’s weather forecast is now 100 percent accurate as Radar and Satellite information is being combined now.

ISRO Chairperson K Sivan said Gaganyaan’s benefits would be to enhance science and technology capabilities of the country. He added that three astronauts will stay for 7 days during Gaganyaan’s tour.

The spacecraft will be placed in a low earth orbit of 300 to 400 kilometers. The total programme cost is expected to be less than 10 thousand crore rupees.

GSLV MK III launch vehicle, which has the necessary payload capability for this mission will be used to launch the maiden human spaceflight. Two unmanned Gaganyaan missions will be undertaken before sending humans.

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