India shoots down live satellite announces Modi


PM Narendra Modi has addressed the nation to say that India has registered itself as an elite space power. PM Modi said that India carried out an anti-satellite test on Wednesday.
Modi emphasized on the following points:

* Modi announces historic space breakthrough

* India now among the greatest in space race –  India has entered its name as an elite space power

* An anti satellite weapon A-SAT, successfully targeted a live satellite on a low earth orbit

PM said that till now US, Russia and China had this achievement. Now India is the fourth nation that has achieved it. PM Modi said, “Our scientist has shot down a live satellite in LEO: Low Earth Orbit. ‘We shot down the Live Satellite through ASAT: Anti Satellite We completed this operation in 3 mins only.”

PM Modi said, “MISSION SHAKTI” was an extremely difficult mission. It required high skills of technical achievement in this. Our scientists have completed every objective of the mission. The mission was completed using an ASAT MADE IN INDIA”.

PM Modi also said, “I congratulate DRDO and scientists who achieved this feat. They have again brought pride to the nation. We are proud of them.”

PM Modi also said that this test is not against anyone. PM said, “I would like to reassure the world that our new technique is not against anyone. India has not been against arms race in space and this move has not brought any change to that stand”. PM Modi said that the mission Shakti does not violate any international law. PM Modi said that India’s mission is to maintain peace and not to incite any violence.

PM Modi said that “Our mission is just for the development and security of India. Mission Shakti is an important mission for India’s security”. PM said that aim is to make every Indian feel safe.

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